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Young Skin Care Business – Managing rapid growth

A conglomeration of 5 small companies with 3 founding directors, one a renowned formulation chemist. Gained world-wide popularity in the pharmaceutical and skin care sector. One of those a fast paced, up and coming company that has experienced rapid growth and tremendous growth pains, including;

  • Delivery of outcomes staff were employed to achieve
  • Cultivating desired culture as employees came on board and as structure changed
  • Retention of key staff and growth of team for business success

The Results

  • High Performance Team achieving >1700% growth from year 1 to year 3.
  • Controlled growth from 8 employees to now over 25 employees
  • Retained key employees
  • Employee satisfaction of 9/10
  • Accelerated innovation leading to 4 new products each year
  • An employer of choice
  • Directors have better work life balance and focusing on expansion of global business

The Approach:

  • Established a balanced scorecard for the business and cascaded KPI’s for each employee = goals in place and achieved
  • Embedded a performance and development review system incorporating evaluation of performance against KPI’s = performance improvements, career progression, employee engagement
  • Successful restructure of the business = growth plans realised
  • Established recruitment process screening for job fit and culture = successful long term hires
  • Established commission structures = employee engagement
  • Coaching directors in people management, leadership and organisational change = performance and employee satisfaction improvements
  • Culture program embedded with regular pulse checks and team building days using DiSC tool = high performance team

Based on the Gold Coast and Servicing Australia and New Zealand

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